12 March 2017

One day trip: Slivnica Hill and Lake Cerknica

Hiking is a big thing in Slovenia. Especially on a sunny day like yesterday or today. 

Every city or town practically has a hill where locals go, some of them even every day.

One of such hills is Slivnica near Cerknica, where we decided to spend a beautiful and sunny day. And of course we weren't the only ones.

I don't like hiking that much, at least not just for the hike or sport activity, but I do like the feeling of achievement once I reach the top. And I enjoy the views that open before me and I like the energy that I get form the climb and nature.

Slivnica is relatively an easy hike and quite flat. It's perfect for families with small children and for not so fit persons like me. 

There is a legend associated with the hill. Just under the top there is a cave, where a steam and mist come out in winter time. In the past people of Cerknica believed that it was a home to witches who made storms and rain and were also responsible for the bad harvest and milk-less cows and all other everyday troubles.

The legend is still strong and plays a big part in the local customs and traditions. 

But let's get back to the top of the hill where some of the most amazing views fascinate the hikers. With the nearly 360 degree panorama you can enjoy to mountains in the distance: Snežnik in the South-Est, Nanos in the South-West, Triglav and Julian Alps in the West and North-West and Kamnik and Savinja Alps in the South. With snowy tops they are just stunning. 

But one of the best views from Slivnica hill is to the valley and lake Cerknica below.

Lake Cerknica lies on the karst plain and is one of the largest disappearing lakes in Europe. 

Due to its specific natural conditions and structure it offers a home to many different species of birds, fishes and plants.

In winter or spring the lake can cover the whole field and in the summer the water drains in the underground. 

The lake, in different stages offers a vast skope of activities. Hiking by the lake is most popular. You can also hike on the lake when the water isn't there. You can also bird watch, take a boat or even ice-skate if the lake is frozen in winter. 

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