20 April 2016

The one way to visit a city

I love cities. I'm a true city girl and although I love spending time in nature as much as possible and I'm addicted to the peace and serenity nature offers, there is something about cities that I find irresistible. The long history of inhabitant, the centuries of development and changes, the footprints of people of long ago and the mark they left. The soul of the city.

That is way there is only one way for me to visit a city.

Many people visit cities as tourists, meaning they are focussed only on visiting the most important monuments and places of the city. But they are not aware that by doing so, they are missing on discovering the most interesting characteristics and essence of the city.

So, how can we discover a city without being an obvious tourist? 

11 April 2016

One day trip: Natural Park Strunjan

On weekends we try to spend the time outdoors as much as possible. If you ask me I would be perfectly happy inside doing one of many other things that interests me and no, cleaning is not one of them. But my three boys would go nuts (and on my nerves) if we would do that.

Normally we go hiking or cycling in wormer days. So, spending the day at the coast was a bit different for us. We tend to avoid the coast mainly because it's usually crowded. Especially on sunny weekends. Everybody goes to the coast.

There are many prejudice against Slovenian coast:

Firstly, there is only 42 km of it. But since anyone from any corner in Slovenia can enjoy a day at the beach, because it is so close, is a good thing.

Secondly, there is everybody there. If you want to escape the noise and busy hustle and bustle of the day, Slovenian coast is not the best place to go. At this point, I actually agree.

Thirdly, it's considered as not as beautiful shores as you could find somewhere else. But there are some wonderful places you can visit and enjoy the day at the see.

So, the seaside was our choice of the day. And as we are more hiking like family and not the leisure kind one, we decided to visit Natural park of Strunjan.