20 October 2019

Where Did the Summer Go

I can't believe that it is already September (it took me a whole month to publish :)). It was only yesterday that we planed what we are going to do during summer holidays. And now the boys are back to school.

We had a great summer never the less.

I always like to plan things. It gives me a sense of excitement to think about the adventures we will have. But it always amazes me how the plans tent to take their own path. And how the actual implementation is (most of the times) even better than the planed one.

With a newborn we didn't plan any major travels to avoid being to far if anything would happen to her. It's not that I don't trust foreign medical systems,it's more a matter of communication in foreign language and the feeling of helplessness of not knowing what's going on.

Luckily the baby was alright and healthy all the time, so we didn't have any worries with that. And than soon realised that we can't stay put and need to move around and see places.

So what happened?

30 June 2019

A Whole New Adventure

Has already begun for our family. I was so occupied with it that I totally neglected documenting our travels.

Also, I didn't have a lot to write about as I haven't travelled much. First, I was waiting for the snow to come this winter and had no luck as the snow was scarce this year.

Than, I wanted to share some previous great trips we had in past years and realised that the photos of past three years of travels have been lost due to external disc malfunction (no, we didn't made backup and both hubby and me pride ourselves in being very organised). This was quite a shock, but hopefully we will manage to recover the photos.Luckily, we have copies saved on other dicks for pictures of earlier dates and the latest (yes, we have learned the lesson).

And what is this new adventure, you might ask?