31 August 2018

Family Holiday: Continuing Volcanic Adventure

The final destination of our volcanic journey was the wonderful island of Sicily and Mt. Etna as the highest and most active volcanos in Europe.

From Pompeii, we left the bustling region of Napoli and headed through the peaceful and serene nature of Calabria. And the difference was huge. The traffic has reduced significantly and the time and space have calmed down. It was the most tranquil drive we had in the whole two weeks, almost like meditative state with a little bit of rain and mists crossing the tops of the hills.

After a lot of loud noises and beeping, it was nice just to drive without any worry and rest the ears.

27 August 2018

Family Holidays: Conquering Volcanos

The summer is nearly over and more leisure time is slowly fading with it. And what a summer it was!

We started early this year, with our family holidays, just right after the end of school. The next day, precisely. So the summer felt long and we could get the best out of it.

And we got it all: the adventure, the sun, the sea, the mosquito bites, few bumps and bruises, luckily nothing serious and a new record for me - I have climbed to the pic over 3000 m.

We plan the vacations carefully, but always live the space for changes. At one point we changed the destination as we wanted to conquer the volcanos. The two nearest to our home are in neighbouring Italy. So Italy it was. Again.