28 May 2017

Roller blading from Koper to Izola

Recently I started to roller blade. I've never found a great interest in it until few years ago, when I first started to contemplate the thought, but I never could quite decide in favour of it.

Few months ago I got roller blades as a gift which put an end to my indecisiveness. And there was no other way but for me to start roller blade. 

And what a fun it is. I was so excised that even my hubby got a pair for himself. As boys already had their roller blades (the youngest is riding the scooter) roller blading became the number one family activity.

14 May 2017

Steping back in time in Rome

In our recent visit to Italy which was iniciativen by the wish to visit the smallest state in the world, being completely surrounded by Italy's capital, we couldn't avoid avoid (nor that we wanted to) to visit also Rome.

Rome is quite unique city. There are many myths and expressions linked to it, such as that Rome wasn't build in a day and that all paths lead to Rome.

Rome know also as citta eterna or eternal city is one of Europe's largest cities, speeding on both sides of river Tibera and on seven surrounding hills. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe and in the world. And there are many reasons why.

07 May 2017

The smallest state in the world

In Slovenia we don't have a lot of public holidays and work-off days, 13 all together in the whole year. But if the dates are aligned right, we get short "packages" of free days that nearly equals to holidays. 

We had quite the luck this year as the national holidays of  Day of Uprising Against Occupation on the 27th April and the two Labor days on the 1st and 2nd May happened to be just before and after the week-end. Taking just one day off on Friday we had nearly entire week of holidays that we spend travelling to neighbouring country of Italy.

Visiting northern cities of Venice, Padova, Verona and Vicenza in November last year we choose to visits the capital and its glorious history and some interesting nearby destinations as well. 

You would think that our destination choice was intentional as our last journey was to Italy as well, but it was purely accidental. Our oldest is very much into flags and the names of world's states, their geography etc. The destination was set once he recognised that there is the world's smallest state very near and we had to visit it.