26 February 2017

One day trip: The valley of Tamar

I like hiking. And I like spending beautiful, sunny (even those not so beautiful and sunny for that matter) days somewhere in nature. May it be in the near by forest or in the mountains. I like the serenity and peacefulness that can be found there.

Of course, there are also special places where this unique calmness of the nature is even more present. One of my favorite and very pleasant and easy hikes is to the valley of Tamar. Unfortunately, it is very popular destination among families and hikers on the weekends, but if you go there during the week in winter you can be the only one there.

15 February 2017

Italy's northern cities' delights

To finish off our November trip to Italy let's take a look at the three other cities that we visited. In this gloomy days with little or no sun it is nice to remember this recent trip that we enjoyed excitedly and discovered new places.

We didn't go far from home to find some of the wonderful cities, with interesting and long history.

08 February 2017

Prešern's day

 The 8th of February is a very special day in Slovenia. It's a national holiday dedicated to culture. We are celebrating our greatest poet, France Prešeren, who died on this day. Yes, we are celebrating his death. Not many people have the honour that the day of their death becomes the national holiday and National culture day as well.

Joke a side, we are celebrating his rich and prosperous legacy that he left behind. One of his poems was made in to nation anthem.