31 December 2016

Festive lights and saying good bye to 2016

The year is nearly over and we had plenty of the adventures, travel and other ones, and I can't wait what the 2017 will bring us. I will step in to it thankful and happy.

The 2016 was challenging in every aspect and in positive as well as negative way, but still it was one of the best years ever and I'm a bit sad that in few hours it will end.

Not all the stories or travels were covered. A long list is waiting on my desk of all the journeys I want to share with you and hopeful you will enjoy reading about them as much as me and my family experience them.

18 December 2016

One day trip: Šmarjetna gora/ Saint Marjeta hill

We are enjoying some great weather these past few weeks, with plenty of sunshine and low temperatures.

As my dearest is off skiing for the ski season opening, I am home alone with boys. Spending time outdoors and in nature is very important for me, more so that kids don stay in too much as the tension starts to rise after a while. And as I am more staying in kind of girl and would rather stay at home doing many things that I find joy in, I had to make sure we go outside too.

Normally I choose playground or walk in the near by canyon of Kokra, this time I've decided to take boys for a hike.

06 December 2016

Family trip: Discovering Italy

During the autumn holidays, in the beginning of November, we decided to take a little trip (has it been a month since then, already?). Normally we stay at home as it is also the time of holidays: Reformation Day and Memorial Day. And as we Slovenes or at least some of us are quite traditional regarding the holidays it is also time for visits and to spend time with the family.

But as the holidays usually collide with the school autumn holidays and this year with both kids at school we broke the tradition (not with out visiting the family, of course) and possibly made a new one and pack our bags and left to the neighbour country of Italy.