30 March 2017

One day trip: Cycling to Tržič

As the days get warmer cycling is one activity that we like to do as a family. There are few destinations that we take regularly as they don't require any additional preparation. We get dressed, take some food and drinks, take our bikes and we're off.

On a weekend I like to take it easy. I like when I don't have to think about everything and nothing all the time. When I don't have to rush any where. We have some great hikes and also and especially biking tours that we can take starting directly from our home. No need of a car and driving to the starting destination.  And this is what I like most about when going on a trip - I don't have to think about all the things and staff that we need to take with us or think about the time.

We decided to ride to Tržič, a town South from Kranj, where we live.

12 March 2017

One day trip: Slivnica Hill and Lake Cerknica

Hiking is a big thing in Slovenia. Especially on a sunny day like yesterday or today. 

Every city or town practically has a hill where locals go, some of them even every day.

One of such hills is Slivnica near Cerknica, where we decided to spend a beautiful and sunny day. And of course we weren't the only ones.

I don't like hiking that much, at least not just for the hike or sport activity, but I do like the feeling of achievement once I reach the top. And I enjoy the views that open before me and I like the energy that I get form the climb and nature.

06 March 2017

One day trips: Alpine Skiing World Cup in Kranjska Gora

How to spend a Sunday morning? A rainy, lazy Sunday morning when you don't fill to do anything, that is?

That was how I was filling, but my boys, at least my dearest, weren't so keen to spend the whole day in, no mater the weather. So, he took the kids to Kranjska Gora, where the Ski World Cup in Slalom took place. 

But of course it had to have a twist.