06 March 2017

One day trips: Alpine Skiing World Cup in Kranjska Gora

How to spend a Sunday morning? A rainy, lazy Sunday morning when you don't fill to do anything, that is?

That was how I was filling, but my boys, at least my dearest, weren't so keen to spend the whole day in, no mater the weather. So, he took the kids to Kranjska Gora, where the Ski World Cup in Slalom took place. 

But of course it had to have a twist.
Kranjska Gora is a ski resort in North-West part of Slovenia, near Planica and Tamar. It is quite popular among ski tourists from Slovenia as well as from abroad.

Skiing has a long tradition in Slovenia and Kranjska Gora is one of the places to go as it offers 30 km of ski slopes and it is the oldest ski resort in Slovenia. Additionally it offers 40 km of cross-skiing paths, which are linked with the ones in Planica. 

Kranjska Gora and the beautiful nature surrounding it were also a setting for one of the most known, read children's books called Kekec, a brave and friendly boy and shepherd. The books follow the adventures of a little boy and his friends, Mojca and Rožle and of course of some not so friendly neighbours. Kekec and his adventures are companion of probably every child in Slovenia.

For alpine skiing enthusiast is even more know for hosting Skiing World Cup - Cup Vitranc, where all the best skiers compete. 

But for my boys it wouldn't be enough just to see the competition, the trip had to have some sport activity included, which meant a hike up to the start line. 

They climbed along the course track, got a little lost, climbed higher that they needed to, miss a great portion of the first run, watched the skiers from up close, not from behind a finish line and especially had the best of times.

That is one way to spend a lazy, rainy Sunday day. The boys got an adventure and I got few hours of peace of mind.

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