21 May 2020

Sports Activities in the Lockdown: Cycling Season Opened

How fast time passes. I wrote a post three weeks ago and only now found the time to post it. I thought I would be able to write more during the lockdown, but I am realizing that’s not the case.

I admit that this situation is already really bothering me. And it is, even more, overwhelming for the boys. The stress of being at home day after day without the company of peers and friends is already showing in their conduct. 
Sometimes they are fed up with each other, especially because they have different characters. The older one likes solitude and needs time for himself, the younger one needs company all the time. So it is not surprising when they get to a brawl.

And distance learning as the school is called now is also already fairly annoying. If in the beginning they were still working hard and doing things, now we are arguing about getting to school work at all.

13 April 2020

Why is Important to Go Outdoors in Social Isolation and How to Do It

We are entering the 5th week of isolation.

What was said to be the two weeks, now turned in to well over a month and probably we are facing at least one more month of it. We are lucky, they say.

I must admit that for me things didn't change much. I liked staying at home and spending time with my boys well before this coronavirus threat.

Nevertheless, things changed for our family. Now there are five of us at home. Constantly. We are used to be together a lot, but now our home has turned into the office (hubby works from home most of the time, luckily I am still on my maternity leave) and school (the school year continues and boys get school work by email; still better than going to school, they say, but staying in all the time isn't something that they are too happy about). We also cook a lot more now that we are home during the day, every day, and clean, which is not my favourite chore. At all.