16 February 2016

One day trip: The Škocjan Caves

It's been raining quite a lot for the past few days here in Slovenia. In this kind of weather it's sometimes hard to find an outdoor activity that would suite all family member and wouldn't pose a dilemma whether to spend the day at home.

Slovenia offers many pearls of nature to visit in any kind of weather or time of the year. And the Škocjan Caves are one of those landmarks. 

08 February 2016

One day trip: Kurentovanje at Ptuj

If you visit Slovenia around carnival time, make sure to stop at one of traditional carnivals in Cerknica, Cerkno or Ptuj.

Everyone of them is know and interesting of its traditional masks. As we visited the first two in previous years, this year we decided to go to Ptuj. To see the famous carnival figure named Kurent.