04 September 2016

Family Holiday - Discovering Bosnia and Herzegovina

I've been travelling quite a bit since the last post and it is about time I write about it.

Let's start with the most recent trip that with took for our holiday - Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslavian country that was touched by the Balkan wars the most.

And the common Yugoslavian past, me and my partner were both born in Yugoslavia though very young when Slovenia declared its independence, was the reason this year we decided to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, as I've never been there before and to show our children a bit of history that they will never experience, but their are still a part of it in a way.

I must say that trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the best holidays we took as a family. I didn't expect much, didn't even think much about it. That is why probably the country amaze me from the start.

The country is stunning and from the moment we entered it, we were surrounded by what it seemed endless greenery. The forested mountains astonished and accompanied us in almost every step of our trip. They extend up to the sky. The nature is just amazing everywhere we went with its green rivers and offers the most peaceful atmosfere and a peace of mind.