13 November 2016

Culinary delights: Guest house Repovž

During our weekend getaways for two food is always the main thing.

We always try to chose a restaurant where we would be able to enjoy tasting the food and time we spent there. I'm a real gourmand, therefore pictures are scarce, as never think early enough to photograph the dishes before starting to eat.

The search was, as it always is, extensive, the competition fierce and selection was flavoured.

In October we chose the Guest house Repovž, situated up on the hills in Štentjaž near Radeče, and it was well worth it. This small village also offers plenty of hikes to nearby hills and trips to nearby surroundings. So, you can well plan a stay of a few days and let your self be pampered by the beautiful nature, amazing views and delicious food.

We got to taste seven different dishes, from starter to main course and dessert in a very slow way.

11 November 2016

Top 3 things to do in Athens when on a business trip

In July, I was on a business trip to Athens, Greece.

Business trip can be always tricky. You can visit most interesting places, but never are able to see them because lack of time.

It can help if you can schedule your flights in a way that you have at least some time to explore. And luckily for me, the flights from Slovenia to other European destinations are normally not to convenient and the flights need to be planed much broader than the actual schedule of the the trip. So I had a whole afternoon to stroll around the city.

This wasn't my first time in Athens. I've been there many many years ago, but my previous visit was very short too, few hours only in passing.

This time around a had slightly more time, but still not enough to visit more than the usual and most obvious sights.

For the short term visits in Athens I recommend (or at least this is what I've menages to visit and see):

06 November 2016

Discovering Slovenia: Brestanica

In October, for our anniversary we always take a weekend off and spend the time alone just the two of us. 

But that doesn't mean that we stay put. No, that means that we try to visit places in Slovenia that we haven't been there yet. And of course try to taste local dishes, so the restaurant is always on a plate.

This time we decided to visit the south-est part of Slovenia as we found a great restaurant, according to reviews, in the area. So, we searched for an interesting place to visit while staying in those parts of Slovenia.

Brestanica, a small village popped up. And we went. And it was well worth it. Thought its smallest (not even 1000 population) it has some remarkable monuments.

With its rich history, its name dates back to the 838, which makes it one of Slovenia's oldest places. A newly renovated castle dominates the place and its exhibitions take the visitor through stories of its past.

01 November 2016

Mitilini and Molivos cities, Lesvos , Greece

At my recent work trip to Lesvos I didn't had much time to do the visit around the island. Nevertheless, I had a chance to admire some great nature and two beautiful and colourful cities.

The capital Mitilini is also the biggest city on the island, home to almost half of the island's population.