01 November 2016

Mitilini and Molivos cities, Lesvos , Greece

At my recent work trip to Lesvos I didn't had much time to do the visit around the island. Nevertheless, I had a chance to admire some great nature and two beautiful and colourful cities.

The capital Mitilini is also the biggest city on the island, home to almost half of the island's population.

It's small and manageable by foot. In the evenings, after a busy day it offers a calm stroll in the harbour and lively streets. Just walking around you'll enjoy great views and feel of the city and you are more likely to find some great traditional Greek restaurants few steps from the busiest area.

Molivos or Mithimna is a town north-est of the island, only a good hour ride from the capital Mitilini. 

It's situated by the see but also on the small hill dominated by its castle. It offers stunning views from the top, but more its narrow streets full of restaurants, bars and artist's shops are taking the first prise in this town.

I will let the pictures to speak for them selves.

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