30 December 2017

Winter Wishes - a Different Kind of Journey

I cannot believe that the year 2017 is nearly over. Just a days left.

And what and amazing year it was!  I have the feeling that it has only just begun, though.

For the last post in this year I have decided to write about a different journey, although there are plenty trips and travels to talk about. There will be still time to unleash the numerous stories in the new year.

Every end of the year I think about what happened, what changed or didn't in my life in the past year and it gives me a perspective of where I am and / or where I want to be. 

I never make New Year's resolutions. I don't believe in them, but I do have and regularly set goals that are not determined by deadlines but measured by the progress I make. 

29 October 2017

Weekend getaway for two to Prekmurje

I haven’t written anything in a while. There has been so much going on, but also I was a bit lazy, so it is about time I keep up to date.

And where better to start than with a perfect weekend getaway for two.

I don't know, perhaps it was the atmosphere or simply I just needed it: to get away, to have some quality time with my hubby, to not to think about anything but us.

Between family, work, my projects and other obligations, we sometimes forget that we need to nurture »us«. Well, you know how it goes, it’s not that you forget it just happens and the whole year has passed by.

15 July 2017

The magical cities of Perugia and Assisi

This summer time is busy and I really need to keep up with my post as our travel stories mount up. 

On our travels we visit some amasing places. It is hard not to as the world is full of wonderful, breathtaking even, sites. I think that many are hidden just around the corner. But still there are some places that simply stun me with their energy and feeling I get exploring them.

On the recent trip we took to Italy two cities especially impressed me: first was the lovely city of Perugia and second energetic Assisi.


Perugia is one of the oldest cities in Italy. It is a capital of Umbria region. 

The city lies on a hill, in fact, it extends out on the tops of three interconnected peaks and fascinates with its diversity and ancient charm.

28 May 2017

Roller blading from Koper to Izola

Recently I started to roller blade. I've never found a great interest in it until few years ago, when I first started to contemplate the thought, but I never could quite decide in favour of it.

Few months ago I got roller blades as a gift which put an end to my indecisiveness. And there was no other way but for me to start roller blade. 

And what a fun it is. I was so excised that even my hubby got a pair for himself. As boys already had their roller blades (the youngest is riding the scooter) roller blading became the number one family activity.

14 May 2017

Steping back in time in Rome

In our recent visit to Italy which was iniciativen by the wish to visit the smallest state in the world, being completely surrounded by Italy's capital, we couldn't avoid avoid (nor that we wanted to) to visit also Rome.

Rome is quite unique city. There are many myths and expressions linked to it, such as that Rome wasn't build in a day and that all paths lead to Rome.

Rome know also as citta eterna or eternal city is one of Europe's largest cities, speeding on both sides of river Tibera and on seven surrounding hills. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe and in the world. And there are many reasons why.

07 May 2017

The smallest state in the world

In Slovenia we don't have a lot of public holidays and work-off days, 13 all together in the whole year. But if the dates are aligned right, we get short "packages" of free days that nearly equals to holidays. 

We had quite the luck this year as the national holidays of  Day of Uprising Against Occupation on the 27th April and the two Labor days on the 1st and 2nd May happened to be just before and after the week-end. Taking just one day off on Friday we had nearly entire week of holidays that we spend travelling to neighbouring country of Italy.

Visiting northern cities of Venice, Padova, Verona and Vicenza in November last year we choose to visits the capital and its glorious history and some interesting nearby destinations as well. 

You would think that our destination choice was intentional as our last journey was to Italy as well, but it was purely accidental. Our oldest is very much into flags and the names of world's states, their geography etc. The destination was set once he recognised that there is the world's smallest state very near and we had to visit it. 

17 April 2017

Slovenia's little adventures

Slovenia is a very interesting place. I'm not saying this just because it's my home country, but because it's true.

On the surface of 20.273 square metres you can practically experience everything. There are the Alps in the North-West of the country, the endless lowlands in North-Est, where once there was a Pannonic sea. We also have a sea which is accessible from any part of the country approximately in 3 hours. You can also see the sea from the top of the highest mountain, Triglav (a.k.a. Three heads, yes we do give strange names to our landmarks) on the clear day.

You can also find pristine nature on almost every step, rivers and lakes and there are also few rain like forest here, where you get the feeling that you found yourself in the middle of a jungle.

We have one language and more than 40 dialects and this all on this small surface.

Slovenia is like a roller coaster where you can experience all the fun and adventure you want.

But where does this praises introduction lead to, you might wonder?

09 April 2017

Endless water in Bovec region

One of my favorite places in Slovenia and probably on earth is wider Bovec region. Bovec is a town situated in North-West Slovenia. 

It is a nature pearl hidden in a valley protected by high mountains. This means that the access is not as convenient as one would like. From the North-Est and North-West is accessible by 2 mountain passes, both crossing the Julian Alps from different sides - Vršič from Slovenian side, from Kranjska Gora and Predil from Italian side. From the South it is accessible only through narrow and long gorge like valley passing the town of Tolmin and Kobarid.

02 April 2017

One day trip: Monastery of Žiče

I believe that every country, region or place has its own bits of pearls of historic or natural monuments. Slovenia is no exception at that and never stops amazes me with the natural monuments that are spread all around the our small country.

One of such pearls is the Monastery of Žiče, hidden away in the narrow valley of St. Janez near Slovenske Konjice.

Its story starts around 1160 when the Comte Otokar III of Štajerska has establish the monastery of the french order of Carthusians.

30 March 2017

One day trip: Cycling to Tržič

As the days get warmer cycling is one activity that we like to do as a family. There are few destinations that we take regularly as they don't require any additional preparation. We get dressed, take some food and drinks, take our bikes and we're off.

On a weekend I like to take it easy. I like when I don't have to think about everything and nothing all the time. When I don't have to rush any where. We have some great hikes and also and especially biking tours that we can take starting directly from our home. No need of a car and driving to the starting destination.  And this is what I like most about when going on a trip - I don't have to think about all the things and staff that we need to take with us or think about the time.

We decided to ride to Tržič, a town South from Kranj, where we live.

12 March 2017

One day trip: Slivnica Hill and Lake Cerknica

Hiking is a big thing in Slovenia. Especially on a sunny day like yesterday or today. 

Every city or town practically has a hill where locals go, some of them even every day.

One of such hills is Slivnica near Cerknica, where we decided to spend a beautiful and sunny day. And of course we weren't the only ones.

I don't like hiking that much, at least not just for the hike or sport activity, but I do like the feeling of achievement once I reach the top. And I enjoy the views that open before me and I like the energy that I get form the climb and nature.

06 March 2017

One day trips: Alpine Skiing World Cup in Kranjska Gora

How to spend a Sunday morning? A rainy, lazy Sunday morning when you don't fill to do anything, that is?

That was how I was filling, but my boys, at least my dearest, weren't so keen to spend the whole day in, no mater the weather. So, he took the kids to Kranjska Gora, where the Ski World Cup in Slalom took place. 

But of course it had to have a twist.

26 February 2017

One day trip: The valley of Tamar

I like hiking. And I like spending beautiful, sunny (even those not so beautiful and sunny for that matter) days somewhere in nature. May it be in the near by forest or in the mountains. I like the serenity and peacefulness that can be found there.

Of course, there are also special places where this unique calmness of the nature is even more present. One of my favorite and very pleasant and easy hikes is to the valley of Tamar. Unfortunately, it is very popular destination among families and hikers on the weekends, but if you go there during the week in winter you can be the only one there.

15 February 2017

Italy's northern cities' delights

To finish off our November trip to Italy let's take a look at the three other cities that we visited. In this gloomy days with little or no sun it is nice to remember this recent trip that we enjoyed excitedly and discovered new places.

We didn't go far from home to find some of the wonderful cities, with interesting and long history.

08 February 2017

Prešern's day

 The 8th of February is a very special day in Slovenia. It's a national holiday dedicated to culture. We are celebrating our greatest poet, France Prešeren, who died on this day. Yes, we are celebrating his death. Not many people have the honour that the day of their death becomes the national holiday and National culture day as well.

Joke a side, we are celebrating his rich and prosperous legacy that he left behind. One of his poems was made in to nation anthem.

07 January 2017

Discovering Italy: Venice

In November we visited the neighbour country Italy. Our little adventure led us from Padova, Venice, Verona and Vicenza, for picturesque Italian cities, full of art, culture and great architecture.

It is always tricky to visit the city with kids. Mainly because for sure they don't like the same things that the parents do and they get bored and annoyed quickly.

So I was reluctant to visit Venice as we planed to stay there for the whole day. But Venice proved me wrong.

The city of numerous canals and bridges offers an ideal family trip for all tastes. We got to enjoy the day in wandering the streets and squares and the boys had lots of fun "climbing" the bridges and their fences, looking at water traffic in the canals (those were the favorite and patience tasters for us - how many passing boats can a person look at) and water-buses, water-ambulances, water-taxis, boats,as in water-cars and other water vehicles were an absolute hit. The boys found it surprising that every kind of vehicle that we can find on streets in Venice flow on water.

03 January 2017

One day trip: Mountain Kofce

I can't believe we are in 2017 already. It feels like the 2016 has only just begun.

It was nice to have few days off. The boys had school holidays so we had a lot of time to spend together and to do things together.

We said good bye to last year by skying and we welcomed a new one by hiking.

Being quite tired of all the holiday feasts it was nice to spend a day in the very peaceful place to sink in the sun.