09 April 2017

Endless water in Bovec region

One of my favorite places in Slovenia and probably on earth is wider Bovec region. Bovec is a town situated in North-West Slovenia. 

It is a nature pearl hidden in a valley protected by high mountains. This means that the access is not as convenient as one would like. From the North-Est and North-West is accessible by 2 mountain passes, both crossing the Julian Alps from different sides - Vršič from Slovenian side, from Kranjska Gora and Predil from Italian side. From the South it is accessible only through narrow and long gorge like valley passing the town of Tolmin and Kobarid.

I'm also obsessed by water in every form and there is a lot of it. Beautiful, running water with rapids. I find the noise of the running water calming and the more it brawls the more I enjoy its silence where there is no other sound but the loud calming noise of the river.

Bovec has a mixture of Alpine and sea climate, the most pristine nature and some of the most beautiful natural monuments to see. There is river Soča, the natural wonder by its own right, waterfalls Boka and Virje, mountains Mangart and Krn and endless water troughs of Alpine rivers and streams such as like stream Koritnica and its influx. All the pictures are taken from our hike a long the Koritnica stream.

For me the best time to go is in the summer as I enjoy almost heaven like tranquillity of the area and I like to wet my feet in icy-cold Soča. When I feel courageous enough you'll even find me swimming in it. And I am not the only one crazy enough to swim in the water so cold that makes blood freeze over. Brrrr!

If you are a more winter kind of person you'll find your own piece of fun in ski resort Kanin, which together with Italian ski resort Sella-Nevea offers endless skiing pleasures for all kinds of skiers.

But don't worry this post is just the taste of what is yet to come as Bovec region is so fantastic that I will dedicate it more posts and wonderful pictures in the future.

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