30 April 2018

The Fast Train to Milan

Having three days of holidays in less than a week and a weekend in between is perfect for a trip.

I love Slovenia's position in the heart of Europe. It is on the crossroad of the South and the West and of the East and the West placing it in the proximity of some amazing places and Milan was our destination this time. 

Well, actually we choose the second largest Italian city by chance. 

I must confess it isn't one of my favourite places in the world as I have some not so pleasant memories from it, mainly connected to countless transfers I had to make at its central train station while travelling Europe.

I was somewhat different experience this time around. And Milan may have been our destination but the real journey was the way getting there. 

08 April 2018

Getting Dizzy in the Museum of Illusions

When travelling the museums aren't always on our list of sights to visit. The main reason being that we don't stay in the cities for long as we want to see so much of a country or a region in a short time. When visiting a city we rather wander around the streets, picking interesting spots for kids so they don't get bored too much, and sightseeing to get the feel of city's vibes, how people live.

But there are museums worth visiting, especially with kids and some of them are just around the corner. 

There are quite a few amazing museums in Slovenia worth seeing, especially for the locals, that you can visit as well if you have time.

One of them is the Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana. And that is also a great way to spend a gloomy, windy day if you don't want to spend it at home.