14 March 2018

The Hidden Secrets of the Underworld - Mayor's Cave

The spring is slowly crawling in. Nature will soon put on its wonderful colours. It will be some more work as the winter came very late this season, nevertheless, the buds will steadily start to blossom.

However with spring comes also the unpredictable weather and in the beginning, it is still fairly cold. It's in human nature to always complain, I guess. When it's winter they want summer, when it's spring they wouldn't like it to rain when summer finally comes it's too hot and autumn is always the most hated season of all.

So, what one can do to escape the ever-changing weather outside and not be stacked away indoors?

01 March 2018

One Day Trips: Stud Farm in Lipica

Lipica is a place that you hear a lot about but rarely visit.

It's a home to very renown breed of horses - the Lipizzaner. Like swans, they are born black or grey and they grow to the beautiful white horses. Not that the foals are not beautiful as well. The transformation itself is beautiful.

Lipica is a small town, mainly constituted from a vast land of fields, a stud farm and a golf course.

The Lipizzaner horses, or their origin more specifically, were often the core of the dispute over history. Everyone wanted to claim them for their own, because of their unique breed. Also, they are very elegant horses and mainly trained for classical dance and ballet-like horseriding shows and tournaments.