21 May 2020

Sports Activities in the Lockdown: Cycling Season Opened

How fast time passes. I wrote a post three weeks ago and only now found the time to post it. I thought I would be able to write more during the lockdown, but I am realizing that’s not the case.

I admit that this situation is already really bothering me. And it is, even more, overwhelming for the boys. The stress of being at home day after day without the company of peers and friends is already showing in their conduct. 
Sometimes they are fed up with each other, especially because they have different characters. The older one likes solitude and needs time for himself, the younger one needs company all the time. So it is not surprising when they get to a brawl.

And distance learning as the school is called now is also already fairly annoying. If in the beginning they were still working hard and doing things, now we are arguing about getting to school work at all.

I notice that this longlasting social distancing has the most impact on the boys. They miss their friends, they miss socializing. From this point of view, certain measures could be released earlier. However, it is also true that we have been very consistent in taking measures seriously. 
Children need a company. People need a company! The boys are also in such years that the company of friends will be more and more important to them. Yes, I will have to come to terms with the thought of letting them go. Nine weeks without social interaction outside the home is already on the verge of endurance for even the most solitary person.

No one is questioning how this affects the mental state of children, who, even if they understand why lockdown is important, will not submit to it indefinitely. As we adults are more likely to do.

I don't want to get into a deeper debate about this, because sooner or later one starts to wonder what is true and what is not, with all the mixed information we get. How much is the professional assessment and how much is politically motivated? Fortunately, the outbreak of coronavirus was not huge in Slovenia. Neighboring Italy was much more severely affected.

Still, living in a kind of cage all your life is no life. And by the look of it, it will last in some form for months if not years.

I must add that last week the measures were released, the epidemic for our area was cancelled, but some measures are still in force at least until the end of May.

In the meantime, spring also flourished and endowed us with beautiful, sunny and warm weather. Everything and everyone has come to life and even though some measures seemed excessive to me, I agree that certain ones should still be taken into account by all, but it seems as if we have been 'imprisoned' for two months for nothing. I worry that people behave as if it’s all over. The matter is serious nonetheless, but more than closing ourselves off, we should learn to live with it. Especially because the virus can come back and above all because some other virus can appear.

However, we have been very active during this time. The boys also had a lot of assignments for sports activities, so we already had to get moving from that point of view. This was also blissful on our mental health as well. Being inside all day is not normal, so we had to balance it out somehow.

We opened the cycling season. After two years without a bike - first because of pregnancy, then because of the baby - it was fantastic to sit on the bike again. I love the feeling of freedom that cycling offers, especially when I go down the slope. Ugh, what an amazing feeling! As if I could fly!

The baby girl also enjoys cycling. She laughs, stretching her arms as if to catch the air whizzing past her. It’s a little more challenging to cycle when she falls asleep while riding. She usually leans her head against my back and then I am not able to move too much while pedalling not to wake her up. 
We mothers have a special superpower - to be able to adapt to our children in the most unusual ways.

So, in addition to other activities, we also did some cycling trips. During the restriction of movement between municipalities only in our municipality, and last week also outside when it was possible.

It’s beautiful at this time of year. Everything is green, everything is blooming and the sky is blue.

We also packed a blanket, fruit, sandwiches, and water and had a picnic in the middle of nature halfway our trip. For the most part, we were accompanied only by birds and the sounds of nature.

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