08 April 2018

Getting Dizzy in the Museum of Illusions

When travelling the museums aren't always on our list of sights to visit. The main reason being that we don't stay in the cities for long as we want to see so much of a country or a region in a short time. When visiting a city we rather wander around the streets, picking interesting spots for kids so they don't get bored too much, and sightseeing to get the feel of city's vibes, how people live.

But there are museums worth visiting, especially with kids and some of them are just around the corner. 

There are quite a few amazing museums in Slovenia worth seeing, especially for the locals, that you can visit as well if you have time.

One of them is the Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana. And that is also a great way to spend a gloomy, windy day if you don't want to spend it at home.

As having children gives a whole new perspective to visiting places. As visiting anything with kids is stressful enough even with the "wow" factors, we try to choose a place it would be interesting for us as well as for them because like that we'll spend a great day in the end regardless all the tiredness, moodiness and reluctance.

Visiting a museum can be tricky. Kids can get bored, which is the worst as then you can't get the time to enjoy the exhibitions. And you have to plan it carefully as you visit it only for few hours before the kids get so tired and hungry that they get moody and us, stressed and nervous.

And Museum of Illusions is tricky as the kids get crazy in it and there are many fun things to do and to try. It is fairly small but still, we spent well over three hours there. 

The boys loved it, but I got so dizzy of looking at all the illusion and rooms that I felt a little sick. There is an upside-down room, an infinity room, a balance room where it all starts - the dizziness that is, and it all finishes with the Vortex where you feel like spinning, like being in a washer although you are still. 

Not mentioning all the picture illusions and Einstein following you with his suspicious gaze. And there is a mind room where you can try different mind games to test your ability to do or to think things differently.

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