30 December 2017

Winter Wishes - a Different Kind of Journey

I cannot believe that the year 2017 is nearly over. Just a days left.

And what and amazing year it was!  I have the feeling that it has only just begun, though.

For the last post in this year I have decided to write about a different journey, although there are plenty trips and travels to talk about. There will be still time to unleash the numerous stories in the new year.

Every end of the year I think about what happened, what changed or didn't in my life in the past year and it gives me a perspective of where I am and / or where I want to be. 

I never make New Year's resolutions. I don't believe in them, but I do have and regularly set goals that are not determined by deadlines but measured by the progress I make. 

Nothing extraordinary happened, I didn't fly to the moon or anything, but I feel I am and have been for some time, in a great place in my life where I feel very content.  I like the simple life, surrounded with my family and people closest to me and especially my 3 boys.

We took some great trips that still need to see the written light and I need to relive our Denmark adventure this summer on this blog too. 

Boys are growing and their school obligations are increasing, making the carefree weekend, that we normally spent on trips around Slovenia or the neighbouring countries, less free as we had to sacrifice some weekend time for school work and learning. But this made our family more appreciative of the days we stay at home and enjoying the peaceful time together. Luckily there are lots of great hikes and places in minutes from our home. 

There are some great stuff coming in 2018 that we have already plans for and which I'm excited about.

I also want to declutter my life, not just of material stuff, which I'm already doing on the regular basis, but also of all the unnecessary thoughts, worries and opinions.

For past few years I was thinking of learning a new language - German more specifically, as we travel quite a lot to German speaking countries as they are very near. Every where I go I always wish that I could speak the native language, at least the basics. So learning a new language is still strongly on my bucket list.

As this post isn't very travel like I'm adding some beautiful winter photos, taken by my dearest of course, in the Koroška region for some winter idyll.

I wish you a happy and healthy 2018!

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