01 January 2018

One of The Most Magical Places on Earth

We entered 2018 on a gloomy day, with light rain and cloudiness that made the day dark even before the night.

I must admit that rainy days suit me. I like rain, actually I like everything watery: the rivers, the lakes, the sea, the waterfalls, the running water and especially the rain. I concede that for most people the rain is not to pleasant, especially if it rains constantly for days, although for many a day or an afternoon is enough. 

For me the rain is magical and I love the scramble of raindrops on the roof and its sprinkling sound. 

However, most of all I love rainy days, because it gives a great excuse not to move from home on a free day.

And this is one of those days, that we get to enjoy at home. There's just too many thinks that I like to do and never enough time to do them, so I'm always trying to get most of the days that I get the much needed peace and quiet to do them.

Besides, I prefer spending the New Year's holidays at home too and just the way I want it. For some years now I only crave for the peaceful evening in the company of my boys, the kids going to sleep quite early and hubby and me enjoying a nice dinner and coddling up to await the midnight.

Nevertheless, I must also confess that I like when my hubby encourages me to go on a trip. I'm not a big travelling fan, but I do cherish the amazing feeling that the trip and nature ignite in me.

Yesterday, it was sunny. It was a perfect winter day and we decided to go chase the snow and the sun. We couldn't choose a better place (my choice of course - even though I'm the least keen to travel in our family, I get to choose the destinations quite often) and one of my favourite places on earth - Bohinj.

Bohinj is intact nature's pearls in the South-West of Slovenia in the Gorenjska region and a majority of it is a part of the Triglav's National Park. It has everything: pristine nature, a lake, waterfall Savica and the mountains that mirror in the lake's surface.

We Slovenes are practical people and so are our nature and places. As many other destination in Slovenia, Bohinj too is an all-season spot. In winter, there is plenty of snow activities to do from skiing, cross-country, to riding the sled and ice-skating.

In summer, Bohinj offers many hiking and cycling opportunities and of course, swimming in the lake.

Besides, the views from the lake or form the mountains top it all. I never get tired of admiring the nature and enjoying the serenity that the place gives even in the tourist’s pic.

What was your first day of 2018 like? How do you like to spend New Year's Eve?
And what are your most magical places on earth?

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