03 January 2017

One day trip: Mountain Kofce

I can't believe we are in 2017 already. It feels like the 2016 has only just begun.

It was nice to have few days off. The boys had school holidays so we had a lot of time to spend together and to do things together.

We said good bye to last year by skying and we welcomed a new one by hiking.

Being quite tired of all the holiday feasts it was nice to spend a day in the very peaceful place to sink in the sun.
Mountain Kofce is situated near Tržič on Slovene-Austrian border. Because of its relatively easy access is very popular among hikers and from the top the you have the most spectacular views on the surroundings.

Can you spot three dwarfs in the woods?
There are many paths possible and of different degrees of difficulties. We choose the one from under Matizovec (above Podljubelj) which takes about an hour to climb to the top.

The hike was fairly easy, not to steep and not too straight so its raises constantly and evenly. 
Nearly there
All the hard work (walk) is paid off once you reach the lodge where you can enjoy the stunning views on the mountain peaks above to the north (Kofce gora, Košuta, Malo Kladivo, Toplar), on the highest top in Slovenia Triglav to the west and on Ljubljana Basin to the south or the fog that covers it as it was in our case. 

Stunning views all around - Triglav to the far West.
Kofce is a good hiking destination by itself. But for more demanding hikers it offers the starting point to the other mountains reigning above. 

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