28 May 2017

Roller blading from Koper to Izola

Recently I started to roller blade. I've never found a great interest in it until few years ago, when I first started to contemplate the thought, but I never could quite decide in favour of it.

Few months ago I got roller blades as a gift which put an end to my indecisiveness. And there was no other way but for me to start roller blade. 

And what a fun it is. I was so excised that even my hubby got a pair for himself. As boys already had their roller blades (the youngest is riding the scooter) roller blading became the number one family activity.
As we were thinking about where to go and what to do for the weekend, roller blading was an obvious choice, but where to go?

Roller blading is enjoyable but it is hard, at least for me  and braking and stopping is still something I'm not good at, I prefer the flat surface without any up or downhills. Just going straight, that's for me.

Back in March the "old" coastal road between Koper and Izola (two coastal cities approximately 6 km apart) was closed for the traffic, as the majority of the traffic was redirected through the newly and much awaited tunnel Markovci to unburden the busy road.

The road was many's favorite driving destination as it offered the drive by the sea with great panoramic views. And that smell!!! The smell of the sea. Just driving on it was the experience by itself, but that meant that the congestion, especially in the summer was common experience as well, not so pleasant though, and to great discontent of the locals.

Now the road is closed but that doesn't mean that is not of use. They turned it in to cycling and pedestrian zone and now you can really enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, the cost and the cities on each end of it. There was a cycling path already before but it was narrow and crowded. Now there are cyclists, rollers, strollers, runners and it doesn't feel crowded at all as the whole area is intended just for them.

On the way back we stopped to take the first swim in the sea this season and to suck in some late spring sun. 

I even gathered enough courage to take those downhills (unfortunately there were some on the way which couldn't be avoided) and got away unharmed. Yay!

Over all, definitely a trip worth taking again soon.

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