26 February 2017

One day trip: The valley of Tamar

I like hiking. And I like spending beautiful, sunny (even those not so beautiful and sunny for that matter) days somewhere in nature. May it be in the near by forest or in the mountains. I like the serenity and peacefulness that can be found there.

Of course, there are also special places where this unique calmness of the nature is even more present. One of my favorite and very pleasant and easy hikes is to the valley of Tamar. Unfortunately, it is very popular destination among families and hikers on the weekends, but if you go there during the week in winter you can be the only one there.

Tamar is a glacial valley in the Julian Alps in the north-west of Slovenia and it continues from the valley of Planica, know for the sky jumping. The valley is breathtaking both in winter and in summer.

If you continue past the jumping hills in Planica you will get to the path that in approximately 45 minutes will bring you to the one of the most amazing places on Earth.

Tamar is hidden at the end of the valley, in the west, bounded by the ridge Mojstrovka (2366 m), Travnik (2379 m), Jalovška stub (2138 m) and Goličica (2394 m) and in the east by the ridge Ponce.

Most notable mountain that reigns the glade that opens at the and of the path, is mount Jalovec (2645 m), which gives a feeling that there is no way out.

But the valley of Tamar is only a starting point for some serious hiking and mountaineering. Or, which I prefer, you can just appreciate the amazing view from the cottage Tamar.

The valley of Tamar is so hidden away that in the winter the sun only passes the mountain tops.

Tamar is also popular biking and in winter cross-county skiing destination. Or you can just bring the sledge with you, which is perfect if you have small children.

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