30 June 2019

A Whole New Adventure

Has already begun for our family. I was so occupied with it that I totally neglected documenting our travels.

Also, I didn't have a lot to write about as I haven't travelled much. First, I was waiting for the snow to come this winter and had no luck as the snow was scarce this year.

Than, I wanted to share some previous great trips we had in past years and realised that the photos of past three years of travels have been lost due to external disc malfunction (no, we didn't made backup and both hubby and me pride ourselves in being very organised). This was quite a shock, but hopefully we will manage to recover the photos.Luckily, we have copies saved on other dicks for pictures of earlier dates and the latest (yes, we have learned the lesson).

And what is this new adventure, you might ask?

This year a new family member joined us. A girl this time. This was the reason for my "travel journaling " absence.

We are still adapting to family of five, to all the changes and challenges a baby brings and this year we wont travel far. We have decided to stay in Slovenia and to finally take vacation in some of the most heavenly and tranquile (not so much in the summer though) places I have ever visited.

Staying in Slovenia for the summer was a plan for quite a lot of years, but always something came up and we took a journey abroad. Also because those places are crowded with people in the summer months, that's way we always got here off-season. This year we wont be able to avoid it, I guess.

The plan is to go to Bohinj first. Bohinj is almost isolated (in a good sense) region, comprising few villages, embraced by mountains. It's piece de Resistance is a lake of crystal coloured water.

Than the Bovec and Soča region is on the list too. Jezersko is another pearl that I haven't written about yet, but visit a lot as there I boost my energy, even just thinking about it.

As we are embarking on a new old adventure with a baby, there are lots of great travels we had with the boys. So, I was thinking to share some of the most memorable (all of them were though). It will be a nice reminder for me too.

What ever happens this summer, I'm looking forward to it. Especially because we will spend almost the whole summer together. I'm off work for the year on maternity leave, boys are off school for the summer and hubby gets an extra 15 days of paternal leave additionally to yearly leave he'll be taking anyway.

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