31 October 2018

The Emerald Water of Soča River

We are having a really beautiful fall here in Slovenia, with plenty of sunshine, relatively warm days and nature changing its appearance and covers itself in the most beautiful colours.

Apart from the last few days when nature also showed its power in a different way, with heavy rain and floods.

But let me continue with natures more pleasant virtues.

October is also the month when we celebrate our anniversary. And every year this month we take the weekend off. Off of kids, off of household chores, off of everything but us. We take two days just for us. And of course we don't sit around the house, but go on a trip.

Normally, we go somewhere to eat. Some place we weren't before and around the chosen location of a restaurant we search for great trip we can go to.

This year it was the other way around.

One of my favourite places to go, to absorb energy and tranquillity and the most pristine nature there is is the Soča Vally.

Soča is a river that has its source underneath the majestic Julian Alps and runs along the far West side of Slovenia, near the Italian border. Because of the high mountains and gorges that surround it, is nearly inaccessible at places and hides one of most amazing sinks, a little pond like cravings in the rocks, where the water is emerald clear.

The access to the valley itself is quite remote and far. One way and the way we took this time was from Kranjska Gora through Vršič pass where you find yourself embraced by the highest mountains in Slovenia and feel overwhelmed by its majestic pics.

From the top to the South, you can see the first hints of Soča valley. A stunning view opens up just little under the top of the pass.

From Vršič pass we continued our trip to the Trenta valley and a small village called - Soča. That is where all the magic began. First, we stopped at Lepena, a far end of the valley, for lunch. We normally enjoy a real culinary delight. So far every year we had a great luck with the restaurants we have chosen by pure chance, browsing the web, reading the reviews. This time I wasn't that impressed. Not that the food was bad, it was actually good and the surrounding was amazing, but the whole experience was somewhat disappointing.

The guesthouse recently changed its owner so even though the food was good, we didn't get what we were anticipating and why we chose the place. We were going for more local dishes and products instead we got barbeque ribs we could get anywhere.

In Lepena there are also the so-called Velika korita or the Big ponds, the natural cravings the river did in the rock.

Because of its natural wild terrain with rapids and narrow and steep gorges, it is a paradise for kayakers and rafters. The valley near Bovec its cramped during the summer everyone wanting a little piece of this emerald haven. It was still possible to kayak or raft in October which is probably more enjoyable because the place is practically people-less once the summer is over and the days are not so warm any more.

Our last destination of the trip was waterfall Kozjak near Kobarid. It is a real secret pearl hidden away in the almost jungle-like forest on the smaller inflow of Soča river. In the summer when there is less water you can access the waterfall just right under it on the rock. The swimming is forbidden though many people do not rake in to account the warning.

But now, in October the water in the pond was much higher and we could only admire the waterfall from the sides, but it was still amazing feeling being alone and listening to the loud roar of the waterfall and feeling the cold breeze from its drop.

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