30 December 2015

Welcome to Lemons and Sweets blog


My name is Helena and this is my travel and everyday "lemons and sweets" blog.

I do have a confession to make right at the beginning - I am not your average travel enthusiast. I don't like to travel that much, I would be perfectly happy at home doing my things. And I enjoy simple things, doing simple things.

So, why have a travel blog, you may wonder? Because my husband loves to travel (we would travel the world if it would be only up to him) and we do visit some incredible, often less known places that inspire me and I do love to write. So, I want to share those journeys with you.

I believe there is more to travelling than visiting far and exotic places. Those magical places that we all long to visit are everywhere around us.

So, to keep my husband happy and my two kids occupied, we travel and I hope you will join us on our adventures as we discover our homeland and little paradise Slovenia and abroad.

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