24 February 2018

Winter Delights

At the near end of winter, we are finally experiencing some winter weather. All the inconvenience that snowing brings aside, we had some perfect snowy weekends to embrace lots of winter fun. Even going to work during the week wasn't that bad as I could admire the curtain of snowflakes sometimes slowly other times really fast coming down.

And it doesn't stop. Snowing that is. It looks absolutely spectacular. 

Plus it doesn't rain after snowing which permits snow to stay and it doesn't turn into a sponge-like mud.

We haven't experienced this kind of winter in a long time. It's snow everywhere and we don't have to chase it to the mountains or ski resorts or any kind of place where snow lingers even in otherwise snowless winters. It is right there on our doorstep or in-laws backyard.

I'm not afraid of the cold either, even the temperatures slightly below zero (Celsius).

I love living in a region that evolves through all four seasons. I find it breathtaking beautiful how nature is able to change its shape and form. How it bursts in the spring and how it shifts in the autumn in the most amazing fall colours. How the mist slowly surpasses the landscape in the winter and how the sun shines in the summer.

It's simply magical. And so was these past days. Snowflakes tickling the chicks. The cheerful atmosphere embraced the days. Luckily we had school holidays.

I like nature in every shade or colour to be at my doorstep: snow in winter for sleigh rides with kids on a nearby hill, we need to get ice skates soon too; falling leaves in autumn and even the rain to jump in puddles and explore the wonderful life of water-loving animals; even swimming in the river when the days get too hot in summer; and hikes of all kinds or cycling in the spring when the days get longer and warmer.

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