13 May 2018

Hiking in Slovenia - One Day Trip to Sabotin

The autumn has already warmed up. The trees are blossoming, the birds are singing and the days are longer. I love longer days, it feels like suddenly I have more time to do things. In winter the days kind of end at 5 P.M. 

The spring is great. The weather is more pleasant and sunny and it is much more tempting to go outside, to do something that perhaps we don't do as much during the winter. In spring, nature is waking up and so are different activities that are much more tempting in spring. Like hiking.

I love hiking, although I breathe heavily and whine the whole way up. Well, it's just hard exercise and being in bad shape like I am doesn't help. But once on top of the mountain, all the hardship and endeavour are forgotten. To climb a mountain gives a spectacular feeling of accomplishment. Doesn't it? Like being on top of the world. And the views are just astonishing.

And in Slovenia, there are plenty hikes to go around. We just love to hike. Even so, that many people enter a new year, not partying but hiking. There is just something magical admiring fireworks from a top of a hill. 

And we are very proud of our mountains, even though there aren't the highest ones in Europe. But that is far from them being easy hikes. You can find some quite challenging ones.

The first spring hike was to mount Sabotin in the Southwest. It is not the highest pick, but it is situated in the South, Mediterranean area so spring is the time to hike there as in summer it gets too hot and every local will strongly disadvise you to hike there in the summer heat. 

Sabotin bords on Italy and during the 1st world word it witnessed some of the harsh fights, thus there are many caves, rows and hiding places. At its bottom, you can admire the largest stone train bridge in the world dominating the river Soča, one of the purest rivers around.

In any case, there are few rules to go by if you want to be a real hiker in Slovenia: 

1. Hiking in Slovene mountains demands a good and appropriate equipment like hiking shoes for first. Many people underestimate the mountains, probably anywhere, not just because of the terrain but also because the situation and weather can change suddenly. 

2. Slovenia is very green country and to preserve that nature we try to keep it clean, meaning that you not only not throw your rubbish away into nature, but also take it with you and dispose of it at home. Yes, even if there is a hut at the top. If not, someone else will need to take yours and everybody's else to the valley as some places aren't easily accessible except on foot. So, solidarity in that ways is still alive and welcome and expected.

3. This is my favourite hiking habit. Every person you pass or encounter in your ways, always say hello to. A true hiker will always greet fellow hiker, thought this habit tends to disappear with a modern type of hikers. But saying hello to every hiker means that we are all friends in the mountains even though we don't know each other and may never see each other. 

Nevertheless, one thing is sure: you will love hiking in Slovenia.

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