06 January 2016

One day trip: Planica

We are enjoying quite a bit of snow here in Slovenia for the last three days after a very spring-like winter. And that made me thinking about my favorite places to go in winter times.

One of my favorite places to visit, not just in winter, thought it is more winter time place to visit, is Planica, manly known for ski-jumping and a place with the highest Flying Hill in the world (picture above).

View from the top of the Flying Hill.

There is something about Slovenes and ski-jumping. It's like national sport especially after the amazing pass few seasons when Slovene ski-jumpers are yet again one of the best and currently Peter Prevc leading the world cup and winning the 4-Hill-Tournament just today.

"Velikanka" as we call it in Slovene and the valley of Tamar in the left.

The Flying Hill in Planica is so special it even has its own song written by Slavko Avsenik.

Planica, Planica
snežna kraljica!
Le kdo je ne pozna
- lepoto iz snega?

Skakalci kot ptice
letijo pod nebo
in slavo Planice
v širni svet neso

Pozdrav neustrašnim junakom daljav,
prijateljev strmih snežnih planjav!

Slava, čast velja
vsem skakalcem tega sveta!

Junaki Planice letijo kot ptice,
 spet slava gre v svet za dolgo vrsto let!

 Planica, Planica, Še pridemo nazaj,
 v Planico, Planico, pod Ponce v zimski raj!

However, Planica is not just the place to be in March when the finale of the ski-jumping world cup takes place, but also one of the most beautiful Alpine valley you can enjoy in any season.

In Planica you find yourself in the heart of most amazing and beautiful nature. 

In winter you can enjoy never ending courses of cross-country skiing or spend a family day skiing on the children's ski slope.

You can Zip-Line from the top of the Flying Hill in Planica.

You can also take a nice, easy hike to Tamar, neighbouring valley or you can climb the mountains rounding it. Be aware that in high snow it can be quite dangerous. Or you can climb the mountains in summer instead.

View from mountain Ciprnik on the Flying hill below.

There is a lot to do all year around. In summer or winter, spring or fall, mountain bike or hiking gear or both can be your trusty companions and you can enjoy a walk or a ride on the bike to Tamar or enjoy just amazing panorama from the mountains above. 

What are your favorite places to visit for one day?

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