24 January 2016

One day trip: The Peričnik Fall

On the weekends we like to spend our days outdoors as much as possible. Often this means spending the day in nature hiking. 

The Peričnik Fall is one of the favorite destinations among hikers, nature lovers and photographers. 

You will find the Peričnik Fall in the Vrata valley. It is formed from the Lower Peričnik Fall, 52 metres high, and the Upper Peričnik Fall, 16 metres high.

In the winter it offers most stunning views in its ice cover. But pay attention carefully as the path leading to the Fall is steep and can be quite icy and as the heavy icicles can brake and fall from the Fall.

In lower temperatures the Fall can freeze completely. In warmer seasons the water drips in abundance and you can continue the hike behind the Fall but be prepared to experience a true natural shower, which in the warmest days can be agreeable.

The main fall on the way to the Upper Peričnik Fall.

Majestic view from below the fall. 

The Northern side of Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia.

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